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Richer Product Lines, Broader Application Scenarios

Household Emergency

Because of the uncertainty of service time and low requirements for brightness, the most important thing is that the standby time of the battery must be long to ensure not to drop the ball when it is needed.The function of the flashlight is not much for the most important thing is convenience operation.


Such flashlights are generally miniature flashlights, which must be small and light so as to be portable and readily available, as well as to deal with some emergencies. EDC flashlights do not require high brightness, but demand a long endurance to avoid frequent charging. In addition, there are not many functions, mainly for ease of operation.

Site Emergency

Lighting tools with high brightness and large floodlight are the best choice for emergency work at night. At the same time, they should have the advantages of long endurance, simple operation, waterproof and dustproof. The placement methods need to be diversified, such as holding, hanging and placing. Battery replaceable lighting products will be more popular.


Hikers do not need lamps with too strong brightness. Since the process takes a long time, light and stable lighting tools should be selected as far as possible,coulped with a long endurance. However, the leader needs lighting tools with higher brightness and longer range to facilitate the exploration of the terrain in the front, and red light warning lights to indicate the location when necessary, so that partners can find his location.

Night Running

For long-distance cross-country running, runners are more willing to choose lightweight headlights with fine near distance floodlighting and long endurance to provide high brightness and red light warning when necessary. For urban leisure runners at night, the lamps with convenient carrying and good performance can make them more safer during running.


In conditions like cycling where the speed is fast and the roads are complex and changing, cyclists need strong brightness as well as a long endurance. In addition to this, a large floodlight is important for night riders for it facilitates illumination to the front wheel area and avoids blind spots. Last but not the least, bike lights based on easy disassembly and simple operation will be more popular.


For high-altitude climbing, due to the harsh environment, it is necessary to consider the brightness, endurance and range of lighting tools as well as the cold resistance to ensure the stability of use under that condition. In terms of carrying, products that are hands-free and lightweight will be more popular.


For hunting users,in addition to the large aperture,they usually need a high brightness spot of spotlight , as it can provide a longer range. On the other hand,the endurance could be relatively short, but the flashlight should ideally have anti-impact characteristics as a way to effectively avoid falling off or deflecting due to recoil in a shooting situation.


Candlelight has become a thing of the past, a lamp that can replace candlelight, is the choice of more use occasions, which requires: warm light color, adjustable brightness, placed as well as hanging style, can be matched with various types of brackets, and a long life, however, the requirements of the brightness is not high.

Cave Exploration

When exploring the cave, people are in a more treacherous environment, plus the low cave reflectivity, the requirements for brightness will be higher. In addition, there is water in the cave and the temperature is low, so the flashlights with good waterproof and cold resistance are recommanded. Finally, the flashlight also needs to be sturdy and durable to withstand rock impacts and drops.


As a camp light, small and lightweight and can be hung to use is the most convenient and suitable. In terms of brightness, lighting products with soft lighting effect, good color rendering as well as long endurance should be taken into account while extremely bright gear is not required.

Search and Rescue

In the process of search and rescue, the brightness and range of the lighting tools are given priority, and long endurance is an important guarantee, so multiple batteries are required in case of emergency. The consideration of weight and volume comes next. After all, high-performance is the most important.

Maintenance Operations

For mechanical maintenance, handheld, hanging, magnetic suction and other multi-modal placement of lighting products are more flexible. At the same time, various types of appearance of the lighting products can adapt to the lighting requirements of different locations,and with the advantages of easy to carry, simple operation, waterproof and dustproof to ensure safety and stability.

Conducting Operations

For this kind of products, the first thing to be realized is the function of focusing ultra far-field to ensure that the light signal can be seen from a long distance. The focusing lighting product of laser lamp beads is the most ideal choice because it does not need many functions, the main feature of which is the convenient operation. Besides,the red light warning lamp is required to remind partners when necessary.

Law Enforcement

In the application of military police law enforcement, simple and intuitive operation is the most important performance of the flashlight, so the design of one key flash absolutely meets this condition. In addition, it also requires some necessary tactical defense capabilities, such as using with attack head, tactical ring, fixture and other accessories, which is conducive to enhancing the overall combat capability.

Security Patrol

The lighting tools used for security should not only have high brightness lighting capacity, but also have a long life to ensure the stability of work. Such products need to meet a high level of waterproof and fall proof standards and be equipped with certain tactical details, such as the ability to turn one click to open the explosion-flashing in any state to deal with a variety of unexpected situations.


During manual operation, because the original brightness of some places is not enough to clearly see the detailed work that needs to be operated in front of us, the lighting products we need must have a long endurance and convenient fixing methods. For example, lamps that can be fixed on hats and headbands are the most ideal choice, while the function of long-range and strong light can be disregarded.

Night Fishing

In the process of night fishing, anglers are advised to choose lighting tools with blue light in that it is relatively inconspicuous and can reduce the occurrence of disturbing fish. In addition, some fish will be drawn to blue light, thus it may even cause fish schools to gather. Besides, blue light can also make the fish drift fluorescent and clearly visible, providing a better night fishing experience.

Temporary lighting

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