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The Definition of LED

LED(abbreviation for Light-Emitting Diode),a solid state semiconductor component that can directly convert electricity into light,was originally used as an indicator light and display panel. With the development of technology,it has been taken advantage of using as a light source in that it is not only energy-saving and environment-friendly,small in size,with efficient electrical energy conversion, but also has a maximum service life of 100,000 hours, which supports its application in various harsh environments such as low temperature.


As one of the most important components of the LED flashlight,the circuit system is responsible for driving the LED and realizing the dimming operation.Therefore, WARSUN introduced the advanced power management circuit design into flashlight,which can deliver stable driving current,keeping the flashlight output constant throughout the working process without beam flicker. What's more,in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the circuit, WARAUN adopted the optimal design, selected the best electronic components, and even carried out silver plating on all contact parts.In general, WARSUN's LED circuit is small, efficient and reliable,providing longer service life, higher lumen output and better compatibility for flashlights.

The degree to which a light source presents the true color of an object is called the color rendering of the light source,and the color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the color rendering. The CRI of a standard light source (e.g., sunlight) is defined as 100, while the CRI of other light sources is below 100. The higher the color rendering, the closer the CRI value is to 100, the better the color reproduction ability of the object, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the color of the object, and therefore the better the experience will be.

Medium White Light / Warm Light

Medium white light refers to the light source with a color temperature of 4000-5000K between cold white light and warm light, which holds four characteristics. First, with soft light, it can effectively reduce the stimulation of cold light on human eyes,enabling people to feel happy and comfortable. Besides, the high color rendering(>80%) makes it easier for users to identify objects. Next is its superb penetration, which can effectively penetrate smoke and rain haze. The fourth is its high luminous efficiency. Not only does it allow the users see the target clearly, but also it saves the power.Yellowish warm light, is the color temperature of 3000-3500K light source. The spectrum of red light wavelength is a little more than that of white light. Its soft light can effectively reduce the stimulation of cold light on the human eye, while the color rendering is high, so that users can more easily identify objects.

Optical Cup and Lens

With more than 10 years of experience in optical design, WARSUN has designed a dedicated high-efficiency metal reflector or optical lens for each flashlight,allowing it to output a soft and perfect beam while taking into account both long-range and close-range illumination. 

UV / Blue light

Ultraviolet flashlights are flashlights that emit light within the ultraviolet spectrum. They are powerful and have a wide range of applications, including identifying forged documents, combining colorless phosphors for tracking, forensic evidence collection, explosive and equipment inspection, insect arrests, etc.The wave length of blue light is short, and it will be absorbed when it enters the water about 0.13m without disturbing the bottom fish,thus the blue light night fishing light is a nice choice for anglers. In addition, the blue light wave belongs to the cold color, which can not only prevent mosquitoes from gathering when it is used in the high temperature season, but also protect the eyes from fatigue after long use. However,the blue light wave night fishing light is much less effective than the yellow light wave night fishing light when used in winter or cold weather.